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        Manipulating, Gaslighting, Percepticide

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        Manipulating, Gaslighting, Percepticide

        Hi All,

        I am posting more of a mental health concern I have. Hoping I can find some sort of solutions or opinions here

        After some spending dome time on google, I reckoned that what I found out is that whatever I have been feeling is call manipulating or some term it as gaslighting . I even felt tt i am under perspecticide to a certain level as my perception of everyday thing, people as far as my parents and even my religion is compromised.

        I am not the direct victim initially but my wife is. (In my opinion) now I manage to sort out things and events happening around me which all along I am quite doubtful of everything. I was almost unaware that I am under the manipulating effect although I have been feeling something is amiss. While I dare to say that my wife is the direct victim and she is unaware even until now. When I tried to tell her what I felt and though, she would accuse me in return that I am the one who is "confused".

        Is there any advice how I can deal with it?
        Because leave my wife and cutting the relationship is not my ideal way. But the "Manipulator" is someone very close to my wife and someone whom my wife will never doubt. Which is the reason why my honest opinion has been denied and accused in return by my wife. No point in arguing in the face. So what I am doing now is giving in to the manipulation but I know giving in is not going to be the solution and in fact I feel that the manipulation will get worse as time pass whenever I give in. Which has been the case for few years already.
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